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VHP Membership Form 1 of 1 http //web. archive. org/web/20010121183900/www. hindunet. org/althin.. Prev Next Index To editor editor rbhatnagar. Ececs. Subject VHP Membership Form From Ajay Shah ajay mercury. Date Sat 11 Feb 1995 15 28 47 -0700 MST From ajay mercury. aichem*arizona*edu Sat Feb 11 17 22 02 1995 Vishwa Hindu Parishad Of America Membership Form I am happy to support the work done by Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America* Please enter my contribution in the...
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. Please provide your email address below and I will be assured of the contribution being sent to your chosen e-mail account. I would just like to request your support in this campaign to encourage the passage of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). It is now up to Congress to take further action to restore the religious freedom of all individuals and groups. To read the entire article you can find it in the Volumin VHP Magazine, issue no. 7. The article is entitled, "VHP Urges a Bill to Ensure Freedom of Religion" VHP Urges a Bill to Ensure Freedom of Religion We the undersigned believe that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) will be the first step towards ensuring full civil rights for all Americans. It will give religious minorities (such as Muslims and Sikhs) the protection of the Bill of Rights so that they can enjoy the equal protection of the law. I ask you to join me and to support this campaign to ensure RFRA becomes law. Please send this donation to: VHP Campaign 609 South Capitol Street, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20036 To view the other pages please visit the VHP website. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forum Archive<|endoftext|>The world will never understand why a person would ever want to be homeless – especially not when I can afford to live and work off what could be a life of leisure. However, many of us choose to take a different route, and it has its advantages. In some ways it's better to experience homelessness rather than being forced to. For that reason, I'll go on record in saying that I'm not sure I would choose this route to my homelessness over being given the choice. If one of the great gifts of being homeless is the chance to experience the joys of life in many different aspects, then to not have to face them all – to choose one – means you're missing out. The freedom of not having to face the daily realities of life and living off the scraps of a comfortable existence – or living in extreme poverty – is a rare and precious gift. Not having to pay rent or for a house, and having a regular source of work with which to keep your own needs supplied, is the greatest blessing. In fact, on many level this is a greater benefit to the person experiencing homelessness than to a normal person. This is because many of the conditions common to homelessness (and to being homeless) can lead ordinary people to have a sense of entitlement and a feeling of entitlement they should be paying for
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